Create new, empty MyEndNoteWeb

This is a variation of a post I put on the general forum (sorry for the duplication).

For reasons I won’t go into, the database for my bibliography library was corrupted. I have a clean version of the library (with no corruption) on one of my Macs.

Is there any way to take MyEndNoteWeb back to completely empty and blank, as if I had never used it before? Or could I in effect close the old MyEndNoteWeb account and start a new one? Note: Just deleting the data on MyEndNoteWeb does not work.

If MyEndNoteWeb were truly empty, I could then sync it with a good copy of the database on my Mac and then, on other computers, create new, empty libraries and sync them with the now correct MyEndNoteWeb.

I hope my question is clear.

duplication of posts don’t hit more readers – we all read all the sections.  - I replied in the the other post with this link:

others finding this post can probably just jump to the first posting in the  general forum to follow this thread.