Sync Problem

Note: I tried submitting the below to technical support, but I keep getting a message that “page does not exist” when I hit “Submit.” Very frustrating. :angry:

For reasons I won’t go into, the database for my bibliography library was corrupted. I have a clean version of the library (with no corruption) on one of my Macs.

I tried deleting all citations from MyEndNoteWeb and then syncing it with my good library, in order to create a correct library on MyEndNoteWeb. But it did not work. MyEndNoteWeb is still empty.

All kinds of problems are introduced when I try syncing with other computers.Results generally are unpredictable, even when I try creating a new, empty library on another computer and syncing it. As I said, I tried deleting all data from MyEndNoteWeb, but that did not help. Somehow, data is retained and syncing is producing strange results.

Is there any way to take MyEndNoteWeb back to completely empty and blank, as if I had never used it before? Or could I in effect close the old MyEndNoteWeb account and start a new one?

I could then sync it with a good copy of the database on my Mac and then, on other computers, create new, empty libraries and sync them with the now correct MyEndNoteWeb.

I hope my question is clear.

I would call tech support not email them. (and I tested the site and you are ABSOLUTELY Correct – page not found error!) You can try the steps outlined in this prior post.  syncing is two way.  You need to reset the location of the desktop library which is buried in the registry at least on a PC.  The  steps mid thread should accomplish that. 

When a try step 6, get a : unable to link to new account Reopen and try again…

But its keep happening…