Creating a copy of the library in Endnote X3


I am using Endnote X3. I am having around 1700 references in my library. I have attachments in  around 1400 references (pdf attachment).

I am trying to create a copy of my library to be on the safer side but somehow i couldnt create one. 

I tried in two ways.

  1. I just made a copy of my original library and tried to open it but it says the file is damaged, if i use the recovery tool it recovers 0 references.

  2. I tried to copy all the references to a new library but only  around 300 references move to the new library.

Anybody has any answer for how to make a copy of my library?

The library (.enl file) has some of the information, but the rest of it and all the attachments are in the .DATA folder and subfolders.  those would need to be moved to the same folder as the .enl file.

The copy problem could be related to the depth of your directory structure and hence the length of the names (a windows constraint of 250 characters I think, including the path). 

The very best way to back up your library is to use the file> compress library option, which creates a .enlx file which is all packed with everything, and you can move more easily.