Cant create a copy of endnote library


I cant seem to create a copy of our endnote library via ‘File’ > ‘Save a copy’. The .DATA folder appears and sometimes stays, sometimes disappears, but the endnote library file (.enl) doesnt appear. I have also tried compressing the library as per someones earlier post, however cant do this either as I get ‘an error occurred while accessing this file’ message.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

We are on a network, and using version 9 at present (waiting for an upgrade).

I keep several versions of Endnote on my computer, including EN 9.  The recommended procedure for making a copy of an En9 library is to use Endnote > File >Save a  copy, as you tried.  The Compress Endnote library function was added to newer versions. 

Could your network restrictions be the cause of these problems? Multiple people can access the library at the same time,as long as the library is restricted to read-only or locked status. Another problem you may encounter is the name character limit restriction: “EndNote assumes a maximum file name length based on the capabilities of the operating system on which it is running; under Windows 2000 or XP, errors may occur if EndNote attempts to store a long file name on a server that does not support long file names.” Is Endnote trying to save the file to a folder which is hidden from your view?

Sorry to offer lots of questions and no solutions.  However, since it is possible to make copies of Endnote libraries, I’d check with my network administrator to see if the network is the cause.


With respect to file name length restirctions imposed by the Windows OS, ensure you are trying to save a copy of  the library to a “shallow” directory and certainly not on the desktop, which is usually anything but ‘shallow’. 

Thanks for your suggestions. We have tried the file length as this has been an issue with another program, but hasnt worked in this instance.

We have also double-checked where it is saving to, and given that the .DATA file appears sometimes in the correct place, we know we have the location correct.

We will have to investigate further into the network to see if this is the cause of the problem, and is hopefully fairly easily fixed.



I had the same problem and still have but I partially solved it. I will discuss the main solution to the problem too.

After openning the EndNote library, click on the furthest top in your My Library item: All References; then highlight all the references in the window on the right by pressing ALT and A at the same time (I mean if you have 4000 references with attachments, etc., you highlight all that is seen in the right window pane. Then right click and select Copy References to >> New Library >> OK. THe software itself will find the desired path (shirtest, perhaps for the software) and that is the My Documenton your device (not server). Do not make any changes to the name suggested (to prevent any long name, etc as you do not know who has made this mess and how). This will crreate a new copy of your endnote library in My Document. This is good if you want to reference your mauscript, let’s say at home, with the office laptop or cut and paste the folder and the .enl file on a flash memory, and use your library at home.

The biggest loss, to this method is you do not have all your references organized in folders and subforders.

The main solution that we used 3 years ago:

Ask your IT department to install the softeare on your device and you will see the EndNote in  My Document. This way you can work offline and have all your reference library too.

I hope these are helpful. 

There are other ways that you cold get around the problem with or without Admin permission granted or not.