Trouble Saving a Copy of EndNote Library with EndNote x7

My boss just got a new laptop and is trying to figure out how to save a copy of her EndNote library to her computer so that she can back it up while she is away on buisness.  We previously used EndNote x6 but have switched to x7 with this new laptop.  We are having an issue where, when saving a copy of the library, the .Data file will be successfully saved, but the .enl file is not saved.  We have both attempted to save the library multiple times now and each time have managed to have the .Data file save without a .enl file, which does no good as there is nothing to open.  Any help anyone can offer would be beneficial.



Are you doing a save as from Endnote or trying to copy the files?  – the .enl file is really just a pointer. 

If you create an empty file with noting in it

using a text editor “libraryname.enl” in th efolder the the .Data folder resides, – it should work to open the library just fine.  But I would worry that the .DATA folder is incomplete too?  – Is it a bit library, with lots of PDFs?  Have you tried to compress it to an .enlx file and move that to the laptop?  Is it being moved to the desktop and creating a path that might be too long for some of the PDF names and thus “hanging” during the copy process?