import endnote 7 library into endnote web


I have a .enl file from my dissertation back in 2005 when I was using endnote 7. My university now has licenced endnote web. How do I get my references into it from .enl file. Just using import and selecting endnote format did not seem to work.

thanks in advance


Try this:

(note: instead of using Endnote Export style, use RefMan [RIS] Export

  1. Open the library in EndNote.
  2. In the Output Style drop-down list box in the Style Toolbar, click Select Another Style… to open the Output Style manager.
  3. Select “RefMan [RIS] Export” and click the Choose button.
  4. Select Export from the File menu.
  5. In the Save As dialog, name the file in the File Name field and browse to the desired file location.
  6. Confirm the File Type is “Text File (*.txt)” in the File Format drop-down field.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. In EndNote Web, follow the Import instructions using “RefMan [RIS] Export” as the filter.

Hope this helps.


This works up until the point where it says “0 references imported”. The folder is there with 0 references imported.

These are very old instructions.  What versions of the Endnote software are you using?  

These instructions are designed to have the EndNote desktop software installed. See the instructions for “EndNote 9 and earlier” here:

If you no longer have the desktop software installed and just have a .enl file, you have a couple options:

A. Send the file to Tech Support to generate a tagged text file you can import into EndNote online:

B. Download the 30 day free trial of EndNote X8: With that installed, you can open your old .enl file and synchronize with your online account. This can be done by clicking File > Sync.