Exporting a whole Endnote 3 library to Zotero

How can I export my endnote library to Zotero (as I need to share data with colleagues using it) knowing I have a “prehistoric” version (endnote 3) ?

Thank you !

I am pretty sure with Endnote3, that you can export your library to a RIS (or Ref Manager) format and they can import the resulting file text file into Zotero .  Select Another Style… from the Style menu, open the \STyles\export directory and choose RIS.  Then I think it is the File>export command, and save as .txt file type. 

Thank you, I will try that. I couldn’t find the RIS format… because I couldn’t find “output styles” in the edit menu as i had been advised to do… and i couldn’t donwload any styles updates on the EndNote site either because anything available starts with version 4…

Aurélie from france

Thank you so much, I made it ! I found the export styles… It seems simple now !

Have I nice day

Aurélie from france