Creating a new style

Hi all. I am working on a new referencing system for my employer, and have been trialling EndNote 20 to see if it would meet our requirements.

Our basic needs are for a modified Vancouver style for books, articles, seminar conferences etc, and also a couple of custom publication types (specifically, parliamentary publications and law cases are quite customised for us).

A key element is we would like to be able to hyperlink book/article/seminar paper titles, to direct readers to an electronic copy of the source, where available.

Is EndNote 20 able to do both of these things? And if so, can anyone point me in the direction of guidance which allows custom styles to be created (or existing styles to be modified) in this way, and particularly with hyperlinks embedded within specific text fields?

I have looked at existing “formal” EndNote guidance PDFs and at examples on YouTube etc, but nothing I have found has hit the nail on the head. It appears at least some of what I am seeking is achievable on EndNote, but I’m just nibbling at the edges and getting more confused.

I ultimately need to create and test this new referencing format within EndNote during the 30-day free trial, and make a recommendation to my employer about wider adoption. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can customise an existing In EN20 under Tools> Output styles> Edit “vancouver”
When you have finished adding the doi or hyperlink to the Bibliography template(s), close the style you will be prompted to give it a new name. Now you can select the “new” style with the changes you have made.

Did you have any luck with working out how to add the hyperlink to titles in the bibliography? I would also love to know if we can do this in endnote.

Choose (or edit) a style that displays a URL or doi field (whichever you want to use). If the record has a doi/URL it will then display in the reference list. If you use the doi field and you want a working hyperlink you may need to edit the style and/or preface the doi with “”.

Thanks, I know how to get hyperlinks in the reference list. But, what I was asking is for the hyperlink to be emeded within the title of the article in the reference list. This a requirement for a style I use but I cannot work out how it can be done in endnote.