"Vancouver sections" output style

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a Vancouver stile with Sections (create a bibliography for each section)  and Ambiguous citations (Add a letter after the year). Unfortunately I cannot save it. Could someone insert here this output style file for download?

What do you mean, you can’t save it?  Have you changed the default settings on where to save output styles.  On Windows they cannot be in the styles folder in the endnote programs folder, they have to be a user specfic location in preferences.  Endnote will look in both places for the style and you have to name it differently than the original starting style name.  Then you have to change to use that new style name in your document.  

 But here is one I modified to author, year, with ambiguous seetings to yeara, b and sections.  (not a full bibliography at the end).  But you won’t be able to save it either if your folder from Endnote, if your personal style folder is set to the program/endnote/styles folder and not mydocuments.  – you can save it elsewhere and drop it to the program folder, but that isn’t the best way to do it.  
Vancouver (sections yeara, yearb).ens (33.4 KB)

Thank you very much!!

Now I have it on my Endnote program but on the Word Plug in I cannot find it.

Did you click on it to let endnote open it?  – did you save it from endnote? If you can’t save it from endnote you have to change your folder preferences if you are using windows?  did you check where the preferences (edit preferences) say to save your styles?  The setting preferences are shown in the attached image – it needs to be outside of the C:drive program folder location.   

Oh, and you need to select show all styles on the endnote plug in to find it to use the first time.  

Yes, I have a folder on my documents outside of the C:

Where can I select this “show all styles” on the Endnote plug in? Cannot find it

I found it. I was using Endnot web for the word plug-in. I just changed to the Endnote (not web) and now the style appears in the plug-in. I will test it. Thank you so much!!

Yes, unfortunately, only a local “administrator” (what and whomever that might be) can alter the styles available to endnote online.  the Desktop version is more adaptable/ajustable by the end user.