Vancouver Reference style: two questions


I’m new here… desperate and don’t have  a lot of time… a stressed out student :wink:

So I changed a manuscript from Harvard Style to Vancouver Style for publication reasons and now my problems start:

How fo I get [ instead of ( ?

How do I get Endnote to put Accessed (for websites) after the website’s address (aka the end of the reference in the reference list) and not infront of it?

I’m using EndoteX7 for Desktop on a Laptop runing Windows 10, the publication is medical and the referencing should follow  ICMJE specifications, Vancouver style

Thanks a lot!!!

NB: I dowloaded the PLos style, changed Vancouvers style to PLOS which resolved the [ versus ( problem but my Accessed problem still remains???

updated: fixed links and note that JAMA is superscripted not square brackets.  So what journal are you submitting to?  

First – since there is a long list of journal that follow this recommended style ( so maybe you have access to one of those?  For example JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association (AMA 10th edition) 

for addtional modifications, 

On this training page 

there are two guides to eding output styles 

Downloadable Documents (having trouble with links – copy and past) 

Modifying Reference Types and Output Styles-Mac:

A guide to editing EndNote styles and references types, for Windows.

Modifying Reference Types and Output Styles-Windows:

A guide to editing EndNote styles and references types, for Macintosh.

there is also a pretty useful youtube video from University of Michigan.  


To get “Accessed” for web sites using Vancouver you have to put data in the field Year Cited and Date Cited. Vancouver changed programming some time ago from using Access Year and Access Date (used by most other styles) to the above. I recommend my users to put data in both alternatives to be sure.

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