Creating One Bibliography From Several Paper ??


I would like to create one bibliography from several papers using Endnote X1 and Word2003 under win xp.

Unfortunately I can’t use the methods described in the help file.

We are not using Words master file feature, because it is very bad and leads very often to file corruption.  

The  “Format paper” command under Tools/FormatPaper would be the right thing, but unfortunately it opens only rtf and odt files :-(  Our word files are quite complicated and it is not possible to save them in rtf.

Is there any other possibility that we have ?

 I am not quite certain how the Format paper option would have helped with this.  I am also not sure why you just don’t join the  papers together into one document. 

But another way, would be to export each of the travelling libraries into a new library and then export the library to a separate document.  This assumes that the references are not being numbered, obviously. Then you would remove field codes (ON A COPY) and delete the separate bibliographies from the separate papers. 

Ah, good idea. That worked.

Btw. the format paper option would have helped because it has, according to the help file, the option to scan several documents and generate a cumulative bibliography. And joining the documents doesn’t work because word seems to corrupt embedded objects for really large (>400 pages) documents :frowning:

Many thanks


How do you remove the field codes and how do you then alphabetize your bibliography? I have at least 800 items to cope with. thanks

In word, on the final copy (and retain a copy that you dont’ do this to, in case you need to make further changes) select all and then ctrl+Shift F9.  this will remove the endnote fields so they don’t try to update again.  Then again in word, move all the refs together, and select them, go to “Table” drop down, where you will find the “sort” option and sort them alphabetically.  You might have to manually shift a couple as the 1970a 1970b designations aren’t always strickly based on alpha everything, but it will be good enough for the publisher to handle from there.  (word 2003, you may have to look up the placement of sorting options in newer versions of Word).