Custom text (semicolon) inline citation


I would appreciate any help on the following matter:

I would like to include a semicolon as custom text (preffix/suffix) within an inline citation, for example:

(Siphonaut 2015; present study)

where the ‘; present study’ is a suffix of custom text. However, I am not sure how to use the semicolon without Endnote treating it as a reference seperator and subsequently looking for ‘present study’ in my Endnote library.

To be more specific, I want to input something like this: {Siphonaut, 2015 #1; present study} and for the '; present study to be a suffix, not a reference in my bibliography.

Many thanks for your time spent reading this. 

Using the power of the internet and poor forum etiquette I have managed to answer my own question…

In case the information is useful to anyone else, here is how

"There may be certain times where you need to insert certain reserved characters in a prefix or suffix, particularly a semicolon ;. To do so, precede the semicolon with a back single quote ` (usually found on your ~tilde key):

Running out of things to type {blah blah`; if you believe \ Hamdoun, 2003 #1354}"