Repeated in-text citations with "ibid"


I remember using the “repeated citation” function in an earlier version of endnote together with in-text citations.

now in x2 the function seems only available for footnote citations -

any way to get endnote to use “ibid” for repeated references in-text?

best, Thilo

Not to my knowledge, but I haven’t ever run accross a style that required that? Can you provide an example? 

Sure, I’m doing a paragraph and citing like this:

Marchetti (2002) refers to a solution which he calls more reliable than the ones proposed before. Whether or not that is the case will not be discussed at this point in detail, but looking more precisely at the way he proceeds, one notices that is term “reflexive solution” (ibid.) is not easily applied to all sorts of problems.

But never mind - this is sort of custom style requirements/suggestions by our department and not a great deal to do by hand. I was just wondering why this function has simply been dropped from the software.

Cheers, Thilo


I have the same problem. Is this function now available in the most current endnote version? Or do you still have to change your citations manually, if you need to replace a repeated author in your in-text citation with ibid?