Customising for numbered footnotes with separeately numbered references for repeated sources?


Does anyone know how I customise a numbered format so that when I reference a source more than once it is allocated separate number? So that each numbered reference in the footnote can have cited page numbers added to it for the specific reference (which are going to be different every time I use that reference - hence needing each reference to the one author to have different numbers and appear more than once in the bibliography). Numbered referencing is a new one for me so I am at a bit of a loss. We think this is a version of Chicago but haven’t been able to identify which or find an Endnote template that matches it.

I have attached a sample. The repeating references just have a short name and the page number.

At the moment I have it set up so that each source has a separate number. But the only way I can add page numbers that are specific to a particular citation is to add them to the citation. I need them in the bibliography with multiple bibliography entries each time I cite the author.

Please let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

And apologies if I have missed an answer to this question already - I did have a look but I couldn’t see anything.

It will get a separate footnote number if you are using a footnote style and you need to insert footnotes first from the word program and insert the endnote citation into the footnote to invoke the style parameters.  – Endnote footnotes then have a long form (first cite in a footnote) and then short form, for all the later inserted footnotes to that citation, and it should include “cited pages” field in each case.  The Chicago 17th footnote style should be used.  

if you are inserting your citation in text, this is not a footnote, but a numbered style, where the number is unique to the citation.  

The tech support people may have a tool to convert in text citations to footnotes, if you are far along in the process.