Footnote, repeating reference, different page number

Endnote newbie here. Not sure what is going on. Using X5, but tech support says my problem is a definite bug or deficiency in feature that also exists in X6 and X7. I just can’t believe that a basic citation procedure is not convered with Endnote. I’m wondering if the tech misunderstood.

How do I reference in a footnote a previously cited reference but using a different page number? For example, (Turabian 6th Ed.):

Ben Allaway, “Multicultural Considerations for the School Choral Program: Part One, Teaching and Performing Ethnic Choral Music,” in The School Choral Program: Philosophy, Planning, Organizing, and Teaching, ed. Michele Holt and James Mark Jordan (Chicago: GIA Publications, 2008), 383-405.

Then later, I want:

Allaway, 384.

It doesn’t do this. It gives me the full citation for the second footnote except giving the different page number.  I have created two references for this book, same information but the two different page sources. It did this successfully for another reference but for some reason it is not for this.

Does anyone have any ideas as to either what is going on or a work-around?



Which style are you using?  – Does it have a “short format” defined for the footnote template?  Are you using a different record with the alternative pages or “cited pages” or did you try to just add them manually to the footnote?  


Yes, it has a short format.

Using a different record.

Has to be the same record.  Endnote won’t recognize it as the same to apply the short version, otherwise.   I think in the second case, you want to be using cited pages or just add the page after the identical record is inserted?  

I see. In Turabian, to repeat a citation, the form is AuthorLastName, ShortTitle, PageNumber(s). So what you are telling me is that in Endnote, I can’t do that. So the tech was right. So I guess the only work around is to use the same reference, insert a comment to remind me of the pages I’m referencing, then when I’m finished, convert all to text then fix them. Wow. Well, at least Endnote saved me a little time. Maybe I should shop for different citation software.

Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it.