Unique number for each footnote and use of Ibid. for repeated notes

I am trying to use a footnoted Chicago Manual style and am having difficulties getting it to work correctly.

I have edited one of the Chicago styles, and it is almost working - but with a few problems.

I need each citation to have a unique footnote number (even if the reference has already been used previously). Each new footnote should follow the previous one in numerical order. I cannot get this to work. I have Bibliography Sort Order as “order of appearance” and I have Footnote repeated citations listed as “Replace repeated data with ‘Ibid.|, Cited Pages|.’”. 

The footnotes are not to appear at the bottom of the page (they do not now) but at the end of the paper.

Right now, a unique number is being assigned to each reference and repeated references just revert to the original number, so if the third cited reference is used later in the paper, it gets numbered as “3” once again. Instead, if this were the seventh citation in the the document, it should appear as “7” with short title info (or, if the forth, with Ibid. and the new page number).

I have looked through all the listed Chicago styles, and none seem to actually work the way I want them to in this regard.

(Note: The document I am working on was originally using APA 6 style, I am now trying to convert it to Chicago Style.

I attach here a document that describes the style I am aiming for in more detail. It is used in the Environmental Ethics journal (for which there exists a style on your site - but not the correct one!).
style.txt (2.4 KB)

To properly use a footnote style, you need to add a footnote using Word and then insert your citation into the footnote.  

You can’t use an (Author Year) style for this like APA 6th and simply switch to a footnote style like Chicago. 

There are Macros that  have been posted (see here) that convert citations into footnotes I think, but I am not sure how easy they are to use.  Tech support might also be able to help you convert APA citations into footnotes.