CWYW is no longer ok in RM12

A student has been using RM12 with Word 2007 for a long time. But suddenly an error happend 

The typical reference[REF] is not inserted but a code

 a la {Author\2007}, (it maybe the convert to original text format) noget i den stil. The student deleted this reference 

but then The RM12 toolbar disappeared in Word

She has not been able to connect the CWYW funtion again. Both RM and Word are ok but the CWYW functionality is missing.

She has tried to use the ”repair”-funcion for RefMan in add/remove programmes. When this was no success, the student (with help from an IT support person)

removed the RM12 programme and made an reinstallation of RM12, but without success.

In earlyer RM versions it was normally because the files RM11CWYW.wll or was not placed in the Word startup menu. But these files are not available in the RM12 version or…?

Can anybody help with this problem?