CWYW with Word 2003 and RM12: macro not found ???

I cannot get access to Reference Manager 12 from Word 2003. I receive the error message “Macro cannot be found or has been inactivated” despite the fact that CWYW tools are installed in Microsoft Word 2003 and that the model “reference manager” has been charged in memory in Word 2003 (in Tools menu /Models and Complements). However I can go to Word from Reference Manager using the “Return to Word” command in the tools menu of Reference Manager ??? Everything was working just fine when I was using Reference Manager 11.


To begin troubleshooting, let’s check to see which add-in files are loading when Word starts.  To verify this, in Word, click “Tools>Templates and Add-ins”.  Take a look on this window and let me know what is all listed below where it says “Checked items are currently loaded”.

Dear Jimmy, 

I have same problem. On tools → models and plug in → for , Reference Manager is active.

If you have any tip I will appreciate it.



Same problem here.  I installed refman10 on my computer.   I have Word 2003.  Cwyw does not appear at all in Word until I place the cwyw template in add-ins.  Then, refman does appear in Tools menu but cannot use anything on it because the message “macro not found” appears and etc.

Did you ever figure out how to fix the problem? Its just happened to me and I havent got a clue what to do about it!! Ive uninstalled and re-installed Reference Manager 12 and thats not helped!!


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