CWYW: Maintain formatting (italics) in page numbers

When you cite things like dictionaries, you’ll normally want to cite the dictionary entry you’re quoting from, and this should preferably be italicised; for example:

… see Liddell–Scott–Jones (1940: 823, s.v._ἄριστος_) …

When typing in unformatted references in CWYW in Word, the obvious way you’d think to manage this would be to simply write:

… see {Liddell, 1940 #1234@823`, s.v._ἄριστος_@author-year} …

– italicising the word within the page number which you want to appear in italics in the final citation.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. EndNote strips all formatting – even applied character styles – from the entire unformatted reference text string, converting it to plain text, before analysing it and using it to create an EndNote reference.

Is there some way to tell EndNote to italicise text in the formatted citation? Some special CWYW code that means ‘italics’, à la Markdown’s ἄριστος, which would yield italics when un-Markdowned?

Unfortunately, no, as the trailing information is handled by Word’s field which doesn’t allow formating.  The only way would be to possibly change that alternative Author (Year) option , to remove closing parenthesis and then you can type your own additional info and format it as you like.  

so citation would look like this

Author|, (Year| Cited Pages|, 

which unformated would look like {Author, year}  but come out as Lidell (1940  and you would manually add the text before a manually inserted closing parenthesis with the formating you want.  – Of course if you use a lot of conventional Author (Year) cites, you would need to manually add the closing parenthesis to all of them.  

… see {Liddell, 1940 #1234@823`, s.v._ἄριστος_@author-year} …

Yeah, this is only perhaps 20 or 30 out of more than a thousand citations in the book, so it makes more sense to keep the Author-Date formatting as is and then manually italicise at the end. So far I’ve been adding comments to remind myself when things need formatting at the end – I was just hoping perhaps there was some way to automate it.