How do I italicize in-text citations in word?

I would like to know how I could italicize citations in word 2003, like ibid. or pace.

I tried to paste an italicized word directly into the citation editor and to unformat the citation and type it in manually in the unformated citations, but  the editor does not seem to recognize italicized text and when reformatting the unformatted citation the italicized text reverts to normal text.

I visited some other forums, where it is claimed it cannot be done at all (which seems strange to me, because it is something that many people would want to use)! Is that correct?

You can italicize In-text citations by modifying style.

In “Citations” category, look for Templates.

There, you select the in-text citation template, and italicize from the tool button above.

Hope that’s what you want.

Good luck.