Urgent: in-text citation not appearing properly while using CWYW

I have a problem with my in-text citations. When I insert a reference, it appears as  {Hofstede, 2005 #810} for instance. When I try to format it, it tells me that the document which I’m working on is closed. Even when I edit citation, say Exclude Author, it doesn’t exclude the author or leaves something like {2005 #810}. I’d be grateful for any help in resolving this please.

Are you trying to “format paper” from Endnote, or “fomat bibliography” from the endnote toolbar (which is safest t use from in word but is also available in endnote)?   - and what version of endnote?

The in-text citations are not formated, so you won’t be able to exclude author using the endnote commands.  You can edit it manually to do so (which would result in {, 2005 #810}.  If you choose “format bibliography” from the Word, toolbar, and then go the the third tab, and “turn on” CWYW will be enabled.  Then say okay, and it will format the manuscript to the correct intext fields.  These can now be edited using the “edit citation” (they should be grey when selected) to exclude author or year, or add text before or after the citation. You can right click in the in-text field citation, and choose "edit citation from the drop-down, or choose edit citation from the word, toolbar. 

the “format paper” option in endnote, allows you to open unformated papers from other software packages, saved in an .rtf format. 

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Hi Leanne,

Thanks for your response. I’m using EndNote X2 and I’ve been working on this document for months. The problem only started yesterday. Previously, I was able to edit citations by using the Endnote toolbar or just right-clicking the citation and selecting edit citation. Even now, when I do that, it gives me the options to select, but when I select “Exclude Author” for instance, nothing happens, even though the arrow signifying it’s been done is checked. CWYW is already turned on, so is instant formatting. Nothing seems to work.


Go your your messages, and we can see if we can solve it off list?