CWYW Not working in MS Word 10


I have broken citations with the error INVALID CITATION throughout my entire dissertation now. I saw a post online that said I would have to rebuild my entire library so I spent a day doing that and it still does not work. I am relatively new user. Any suggestions on what this can be?

Please help.

Hard to say if the problem is due to a corrupted document file, corrupted Endnote records, or that the entire library file is corrupted. Did you mistakingly move the Endnote library file and folder from their original location on your computer? Were you using any cloud storage or external devices to transport files? Presumably you are using MS Word 2010 (not “10”) however, what version of Endnote are you using and what is your computer’s operating system?

In any event, refer to the knowledge base article EndNote CWYW- (!!! Invalid Citation !!!)which indicates the problem emanates from damaged Endnote field codes. Per the article there are unfortunately only two solutions: 1) replace the invalid citation with good/working citations; or 2) use an earlier backup copy of your document file (hopefully you’ve been maintaining backups while working).

I am using EndNote X7. The original Data file wasn’t converted when I changed laptops.

Wasn’t “converted”?  – you need to move the .DATA folder along with the .enl Pointer file, intact from one machine to the other, or you need to create a compressed library (file compress to an .enlx file and move that and then open, which will unpack the library in its new location.