CWYW Problem, Adding Colon in multiple citations

Hello All. I am using the Sage-Harvard style. No matter how I insert multiple citations, they are formated as:

(Elia, 2011: ; Vassallo Paleologo, 2011)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

By the way, using EndnoteX and Word2004 on a Mac.

I tried my “out of the box” sage-harvard.ens style and did not experience the issue you described. Does it happen with the straight harvard or cell styles?    Can you download the attached, try it (make sure you change the style in use in the manuscript in question to this copy) and see if it repairs the problem.  If not, then the problem may lie with your records and not with the style. If you have made other changes to the style, attach it to your reply and we can see if we can spot the error? 

Sage Harvard.ens (13.6 KB)

Hi, thank you for your response. I tried using your stylesheet but I get the same problem. If I transfer to other styles, I get no problem, except with Author-Date, which is the only other one I’ve tried with Cited Pages as a field. 

Here is what it looks like as a temporary cite:

{Elia, 2011 #4; Vassallo Paleologo, 2011 #5}

I checked my individual citation, and there are no extra characters. 

It seems that in this case,the colon is coming from the Cited Pages part, however, it only shows up on the first record of a multiple citation. 

Another example of how it is formatted with different references: 

(Stella, 2009: ; Vassallo Paleologo, 2009). 

Thank you!

Also, it does not happen with the straight Harvard style, but in that style I do not have the colon page number format that I need.

Upon careful inspection, I think a “link adjacent” character was missing between the colon and the “cited pages” field.  Try this one? 

Sage_Harvard[1].ens (13.8 KB)

Works great, thank you!

Just so I understand, if I want to add page numbers to an in text citation in the future, ie in another style, I need to enclose it with the forced separation markers?

Thanks again!

There are two “characters” that need to be used when you are using punctuation associated with a field that may or that may not be included in a citation (or reference).  The “link adjacent” which looks like a tiny diamond (to my eyes like a little centered circle instead of the “dot”) that indicates a space in Endnote templates.  then around the punctuation there are the “forced separation”  marks (the little line |).  I am not sure why you need both, and Apple seems to me more sensitive to the missing link adjacents than Windows. 

so in the citation template in question, the two *'s below are where the “link adjacent” needed to be.  Without them, the colon and space was included even though the forced separations should have eliminated them.  It is important that the space between Cited and Pages not be replaced however, or it won’t match the “field” name (and probably the whole thing will not be included, but that gets really confusing.).  I wonder how long this particular style has had this error, and how many more have it!   

(Author|,*Year|:*Cited Pages|)