semi colons appear in citations when there are no pages attributed and more than one author


How can I avoid semi colons from appearing on citations, when there is more than one author and no pages to attribute?


(Smith, 2007: ;Zakaria, 2003: 54)  It should be (Smith, 2007; Zakaria, 2003: 54)



Sounds like an error in the style you are using not removing the : when there is no content in the field following the :

Which style is you using?

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Jan Ove


This is happening with a new style I edited, but it happened before with Harvard as well.


You need a | before the : in the Citation template, so it is associated with the field.  A link adjacent might be needed after the colon too.–but that is possibly overkill, but can’t hurt. 

It worked!!!

Thanks so much for the tip. This was killing me for a while now :slight_smile: