Missing references in 'Find citations'

Hi everyone

I posted on this before but haven’t received any suggestions and thought I would try again, as the problem is persisting. I’m using Endnote Web (so currently version 2.10). When I use the ‘find citations’ button in CWYW (Windows XP; Microsoft Office Word 2007) references which DO exist in my library do not appear in the list. When I go directly to Endnote Web and view my library the references are there. I have checked spelling consistencies and so on, to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion about why this might be happening?

Thanks for any help you can give.


I don’t use ENWeb, and I just wonder if the find citations button is accessing the online library or a local library? 

Thanks for your reply Leanne. No, the ‘find citations’ is in Endnote Web CWYW  and opens up the Endnote dialogue box within Word. 

Are the references in question in your own library, or are they in a group shared from someone else’s library?

Check yr key words. If the key words is not a continuos phrase, result will not appear.