Date doubling up in Bibliography: Webpage reference

I’m brand new to EndNote, however I’ve come across this issue when trying to compile a list of webpage references.

    • Using APA7 on Endnote X9 desktop version on MacOS.
    • Exporting to Pages document, with integrated plugin already installed.

My reference is a webpage, and I need both the published date for the bibliography, and the published year for the in-text citation. 
For published date, “Last Updated Date” seems to be the sole option for Webpage references?

However when including both of these fields, the resulting reference shows the year twice in the bibliography (eg: “2020, July 21, 2020”)

Can anyone assist me in remedying this?

Thanks kindly in advance !

You need to look at the record holding the information and what fields contain the info you want to display in the output, and then look at the bibliography template for that reference type and the field and order they are displayed in – 

So which ref type (web I assume) and does it have a template in your chosen output style?  Sometimes not all ref types have a template, and it is using the “generic” option.