Dates in Word References

Hello there! I am quite new to Endnote, so apologize if this is a stupid question, but I am not able to find the answer in the manual.

I have chosen Clinical Infectious Diseases as the type of reference I want. However, in word the references are appearing even with month and day, which I dont want to, and that are actually not part of this kind of reference.

Is there a way that I can ask Endnote (or Word) to dissapear these fields in Word?



Working Endnote X.4

Windows Vista Professional

If the month and day is appearing in the in-text citation and bibliography then that information (i.e., month, day) must have been included in the EndNote  “Year” field within the corresponding reference. (So adjustment will need to be made within EndNote, not MS Word.)

Check the reference by “opening” it to view the EndNote fields and see if the month and day has been included and delete the unwanted info, leaving just the year. (If you think you might need the month/day info at some later point you can copy the info to a different field like Research Notes.)

Also note that depending upon the type of reference and the style guidelines for your discipine, including the month and day may actually be correct so recheck the style guideline.