Default settings for opening a library and displaying latest records at top

Lately EN opens with record no. 1 at the top. I prefer to have the latest additions (highest numbers) displaying first. Is there a way to reset this feature? (EN used to remember the setting from the last session. No longer.)

Endnote 20? It usually is a simple click at the top of the column you want sorted. Mine always opens with it alpha by Author, but I am still using X9.3

Not the case in 20.3 (sorry, I forgot to add that info). EN used to remember the last used layout (not only record order but also column widths if these were adjusted by me). Now it reverts to its own defaults.

Also, reversing the sort order by records is not done with a single click. One has to click to go into descending order (high to low) and then drag the bar between columns to the top to get the last record to show first.

I am wondering if I can get it to remember my last-used settings as it once did. Thanks.

I can’t reproduce this on Windows. Here, EN 20.3 remembers column choice, column width and sort order between sessions. Are you on Mac OS?

EDIT: Yes, I can reproduce these issues on Mac with v. 20.3:

  • The sort order is always ascending with record no.
  • To change to descending sort order, one has to click twice on the column head.
  • One has to scroll back to the top after changing the sort order. And it’s difficult to catch the scrollbar between the center pane and the right side pane.

What I couldn’t reproduce: EN 20.3 on Mac remembers changed column widths between restarts.

Thanks. The columns do stick, not the sort order. I am using latest Monterey macOS. This crept in with the latest update to EN (possibly the latest two).

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