Problem sorting on 'Last updated' field

When I sort on ‘last updated’ in the reference window, the most recent additions to my library don’t show up either at the top or the bottom but mixed up with some other anomalies somewhere in the middle - which makes it completely useless.  Screen grab attached. Any thoughts/tips on solving this?



(EndNote X2.0.1, Windows Vista)

You should be able to fix this by forcing EndNote to clear the “stale” sort cache. To do so, make a change to a reference (you could even just enter a space somewhere, say at the end of your Notes, then backspace) and make sure to save the change. Then resort and you should see the records in the correct place.

Oops…sorry, left out the very first step! FIRST, click sort on a column other than the Last Updated column. Then make and save a change to a record and resort.

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Thank you for the help. Just one of EndNote’s quirky ways, I guess - but everything’s sorted now. Just have to remember what to do in future…