Sort scheme

It would be nice if there is a “Sort scheme” feature, like Search feature, that allows me to save and load custom sets of library sort scheme. Right now, I have to browse all the field popup menus, and Z-A, A-Z buttons to bring my library simply sorted by record number.

If record number is showing in the library display, all you have to do is click on the field name and it will sort by record number 1>end, click on it again and it will sort end>1.  Is that what you mean? 

What I mean is actually the ability to sort library by calling “sort order definition file”, such that I can switch several sort schemes instantaneously. I often change the sort of my library, like Custom 1>Year>Journal, Journal>Author, or Simply by Record number back and forth.

Now, I know your suggestion I can display record number by changing “Display fields” in the Preference, and click the field bar on top to sort by the record number. Problem is, I usually display my custom 1 to custom 4 fields, along with Journal/Author/Title/Year, to look all of my custom input (like ranking, my own review notes, etc). So, going and changing Preference every time is not really convenient. Probably, real problem is that Endnote can show only 8 fields at the same time. I always want to see at least 10 fields at the same time. Then I can display record number all the time.


Yep, it would be nice to beable to save complex sorts for library display. 

However, there is only so much I want on my screen at any one time.  PDF, (left over PDFs in the image field), record number, author, year, title, journal - pretty much covers it for me.  Then there is still an extra field for me!