Delete a keyword from many references at once?


While trying to add a keyword to a highlighted group of references, I inadvertently added it to 6,600 references before I realized that EndNote was adding it to the all of the references and forced a halt.  Any idea of how I can delete the keyword from those references?  I am using Windows version 7.1 (bld 7705) of EndNote.

I tried copying them into a new library and then called up term lists and deleted the offending keyword, but that had no effect on the individual references.  They simply recognized the keyword as new and changed its font color.

I looked at TOOLs, CHANGE/MOVE/COPY/FIELDS (which is where I got into trouble initially!).  But I can’t figure out a way to substitute a space for the obstrusive keyword.

In Reference Manager,  there was a function that allowed you to substitute one keyword (or a space) for a keyword in the terms list.  Boy, could I use that now.  This may ruin my weekend.

You are looking for the “Find and Replace” function which (intuitive huh?) is NOT in the Change/Move/Copy function in tools, but is in the Edit menu (or use Ctrl+R).  The trick for all of this, is to “show” only the references you want to change. the Change/Move/Copy - doesn’t respect what you have selected… (although to be fair, it does give you a warning).  (P.S. you don’t even need to replace it with a space, I don’t think.  - and it again warns you.)

Thanks, Leanne, you’ve saved me again. 

I copied all references with the offending keyword and modified today into a new library, and deleted the keyword there (trying to play it safe). Of course that deleted 1270 references that previously and rightiously had the keyword.  I opened my backup copy of the lkibrary from last night, copied all in the group named for that keyword into my primary library (that restored the unoffending 1270 references).  Then I copied all references from the new database (from which I had deleted the offending keyword) into my primary library. Voila! My weekend is saved (Oh boy, now I get to work on my deck.  Sigh).

So I dodged this bullet, thanks mainly to you.

Lessons learned: 1.  Pay attention to warning screens., 2. Back up often and well., 3. Do anything to keep Leanne on the forum.

You may have been able to view “last updated” date in the library view, search for all those citations that had the keyword, sort on the last edited date and select those most recently edited – Show selected, and then edit the keyword out of those (ctrl R).