Deleting references that are not in a folder?

Hi there,

I have about 500 references in one folder and 1000 in my endnote library altogether. I would like to delete all the references that are not in that one folder. Can someone suggest a way to do that?


In X3, there is a “group”- call “unfiled” and if they don’t live in other groups, you could select this directly and delete them.  I believe there is a plug-in for X2 that can also show records that don’t belong to a group.  See this thread. 

As an alternative, especially if there are other groups, but you don’t want to go thru the hassle of removing them from those groups: 

Go to the folder, select all, then under references, show all.  The selected references should remain selected, under references, hide selected, select all - delete.

ADDED IN EDIT:  Make sure you make a copy first, or ensure you have done what you expected before closing and losing the “trash” items. 

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