Keep only cited references and delete others


Sometimes, I download references that I don’t necessarily use in my text writing and I wish to delete them from the library.

Is Endnote able to highlight non-cited references and mark them to be savely deleted in one mouse clic? 

Say, we have 200 references in a library but we cited only 100, is Endnote able to find the 30 remaining non-cited references to delete them and keep the library clean? 

If it does not, could this be a suggestion for a next update, please? 

Thank you

Once you have the temporary  group of refs in your library that you have cited, you can select them all and then “show all” (ctrl M) and the refs that you are using are still selected.  You can then delete those not selected (or hide those selected, leaving the unused ones showing - and select them all and delete). 

But this leads me to think you use a library for each manuscript which is a waste of space and resources.  The power of endnote is that you have an evolving list of potential refs to select from as you work now and in the future. 

Yes, indeed, I have a separated libraries for different manuscripts!

Do you think it is a bad idea to have different libraries for differents manuscripts?

Do you mean selection in Endnote or in text editor?

Some time ago I had a big problem with Endnote!  

Actually, I had a library with more than 2000 references. Some of them have been imported directly from Pubmed via Endnote, many others from their editors’ websites (as pubmed does not index everything).

So many duplicated were imported but Endnote wasn’t able to find them because of slightly different formats (presence or absence of a comma, period, difference in initial name order…etc). 

I therfore had to manually deleted them without any care if I delete the cited reference or its duplicated copy! 

When I wanted to format the final version, Endnote was always asking to search for missing references! 

I deleted all and had to restart from zero !

Since, I am cautious to have a clean library for each manuscript, even there is no direct link between two issues!

Current versions of endnote are much more forgiving if you delete the duplicate attached to the paper, if a similar one is present.  It is also easier to compare two, and to copy some things from one to the other and then get rid of one.  But at the end of the day, once you HAVE the record for a specific article in your library, why would you want to have to get it again for the next paper? 

Come back again to this thread as the given solution didn’t work for me!

When I select all and clic Ctrl+M nothing happens! 

I looked for some option/function/trick/tip that allows selecting non used ref in the library. 

This should be easy done from the manuscript but I don’t figure it!

When we clic on the biblio list in the doc all ref are selected (shaded), why they are not selected in parallel in Endnote library too? If selecting or shading references in the manuscript is reflected on endnote library, it will be easy to find and removed non used references. 

It would be useful if we can click on a given reference in the biblio and see it also selected or highlighted in endnote library.  Or better, when clic on a reference in Endnote library, il will be highlighted in the corresponding text in word! This will allow see if a reference is present in the body text or not. If not, user can easily remove it.

3 steps may be followed to separate the used and unused references as;

  1. Open Word file and also EndNote Library for that particular word file.

  2. Click ----> “All References” in the left corner of EndNote, and then ----->Ctrl +A to “select” all references in the references box. Then ------> click word file icon on below All References icon in the EndNote, the click once again All References icon to highlight those references in with are cited in the Word File. All those references are highlighted (light in colour) in the reference box.

  3. “Right Click” the on any of the highlighted references, " select “Copy References” then Click ------> "New Library to create a new library and name it. Only used references are exported to the new library. Delete the old library.  JOB DONE