How to use "Unfiled list"

Can you please help me to find out which references I have not jet referred to?

If I open my Endnote, on the left there is a list:

  • All references (59)

  • My document (34)

  • Unfiled (59)

Is it possible to see in that map 'Unfiled" the list of articles are not jet used in my document, instead of all articles that I find now?

Or is the only way to compare the list with all references with the list in my document? How does this folder ‘Unfiled’ eactly work? I could not find this in any help folders.

Thank you for your help!

Unfiled just means they aren’t in any of your groups (as you don’t currently have any groups).  

the quickest way to see what you haven’t yet cited, is that when you are working on a document a group appears with the name of the document.  Select that group, select all the records in that group(ctrl A does this quickly), then hit ctrl M (show all references), and then right click and select “hide selected references”.  – This will leave you with the records in your library that are not cited in that document.  

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You could also create a group and move the records in the My Document group into it and the unfiled (in this specific case, as you have no other groups) will be those not in your document.  

Thank you very much for your reactions, I’m going to try this.