Difficult switch from Jabref to Endnote...


Here is my situation. Up to now, I used Jabref in my company. I want to switch to Endnote.

But to do so…I have 2 problems :

1- When I export my library from Jabref and import it in Endnote, the pdf attached file is not found anymore…Is there any possibility, not to break the link? I mean do I have in Endnote to re-attach all the pdf files of my reference list?

2-I was the only one to use Jabref in the company, I mean the only one to add references to our reference list. However, all my collegues were able to have access to each paper, because Jabref was able to export a interactive html table from which you could search papers by authors, titles… Is there any possibility to do the same with Endnote? If not, is there any “Endnote light viewer” that my collegues could install to have access to the database (visualization only).

Thank you very much for your help!