Transfer from one PC to another

I need to transfer an endnote library, as well as the attached pdf files of the journal papers to another PC. Both PCs have endnote X version. I copied and transferred both the library and the folder with the pdf files to the other PC. The transferred library showed the pdf signs of the documents, but did not link to the files when double-clicking on the pdf signs. How can I link the library to the pdf files?

Check this thread and other relevant threads from here. So many posts about this problem are scattered throughout forum, but you should be able to find some useful information.

Try this first.

First make sure you convert any absolute links to relative links (I think in ENX that is under the References>File attatchment options, but you might have to check other places for the “convert to relative links”).  Then from the File menu, choose “send to”  and save the .enlx file which can be moved (or emailed, if you have the capacity for a file that might be pretty big) to the new machine.  ENX will then open that single file and recreate the PDF structure.

I seem to recall there being some issues with different versions of Acrobat, which the forum search should reveal, if that is the problem.

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Thank you, I sorted it out!

Use Windows Live Sync (used to be FolderShare), & the synching of libraries will be done automatically, as soon as you connect & turn on both PCs.  Very simple, straightforward & valuable utility for automatically handling databases on more than one PC.