Reference import from JabRef


I got a huge database (Bib) with references from a collegue. He works in JabRef and provided me his database with references and the related pdf files.

I would like to use this database in Endnote. I managed to import all the references by exporting them from JabRef in an Endnote .txt file and could import them in Endnote. The only problem I face is the pdf linkage.

The related pdf files are saved in the same directory as the library file but endnote is not able to import the linkt to the related files. Is there any solution import the links to the files as well? Adding them manually would be a pain (>2000)

Any help or workaround would be welcome!



found two solutions by myself, maybe helpful to others.

First Ris Export:

I managed to keep the pdf linkage by exporting from Jabref to a RIS file. I opened the ris file in notepad and add the folder structure manually to the pdf filename reference (by find and replace). Importing this file in Endnote created the correct link to the pdf. But the RIS export from Jabref does not export all the fields from jabref.

Second Import filter editing:

I downloaded the import filter provided on the Jabref page for importing Jabref Endnote .txt exports in Endnote. I edited the import filter by linking the %1 value of the text file to the file attachment value. This works, but the txt file has two %1 references in it which provide one dead link in the file attatchment field after the import.

So basically two not really satisfying solutions, anyone with a different approach?

BUT why does Endnote have hundreds of import filters but the most basic ones are not working correctly??