Import from Jabref (BibTex source) with additional row and file attachments

Could someone give me a basic guidance on importing a library from Jabref (BibTex) into Endnote, or direct me to a helpful post, please?


I have build up a library in Jabref. This one gives me a BibTex source as you can see below. I do import the library through the .txt or .ris format to Endnote. By doing so, two problems arise, which I can´t solve.


First, the additional row “diss-id” is not displayed in the Endnote. This row was added to Jabref by setting up a general field. So it is not a standard field. How can I have the Endnote to notify this row?


The second problem is, that all the file attachments I have done in Jabref are getting lost after importing in Endnote.


  author = {J. Adetunji Adegbesan},
  title = {On the origins of competitive advantage: strategic factor markets and heterogeneous resource complementarity},
  journal = {Academy of Management Review},
  year = {2009},
  volume = {34},
  pages = {463–475},
  number = {3},
  diss-id = {1053},
  file = {:ADEGBESN_2009.pdf:PDF},
  keywords = {Strategic Factor Market, RBV},
  owner = {alemart},
  timestamp = {2010.01.01}


  title = {Neue Wissensordnungen. Wie aus Informationen und Nachrichten kulturelles Wissen entsteht},
  publisher = {Suhrkamp},
  year = {2008},
  author = {Olaf Breidbach},
  edition = {unseld},
  diss-id = {0889},
  keywords = {Wissen},
  owner = {Alexander},
  timestamp = {2009.01.06}


Thank you for your help!

Do you convert the BibTeX data into RIS or another format before importing, or do you use an EndNote import filter?

I have tried two options:

  1. I export the data from JabRef as “Endnote(*.txt)” and import them to EndNote as “Tab Delimited”

  2. I export from JabRef as “RIS(*.ris)” and import to EndNote as “Reference Manager (RIS)”

Both ways produce the same results as mentioned before.

OK, I see. My guess is that the missing fields get lost before the EndNote import, when the BibTeX references are converted by JabRef into RIS or the EndNote format. So the problem is caused by the JabRef export filters, and should be reported to the JabRef help forum or the jabref-users mailing list.