Difficulty with ed.^eds. formatting

Hiya folks,

I’m using Endnote X9, a (very slightly) modified version of Chicago 17th ed. 

When inputting an edited book, I get that the ed.^eds. is supposed to reflect singular or plural, but in the bibliography on Word it’s just printing ed.^eds. 

Any suggestions?

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



We are here to help whenever you run into issues.

Dear Sherbert42,

What was the answer of the support? I have the same problem with Endnote X7.8 (Bld 11853).

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Best regards


If you zip your output style and attach the zip folder and let us know which bibliography template isn’t working, we might be able to spot the error.  (or contact support) 

Dear Leanne,

Thanks for your kind answer! I have attached the style. I modified the style myself.

Best regards


Chemical Science BSp 2021.zip (2.22 KB)

I see an issue with the Book template in the style. You currenlty have:

Author, Title, ed.^eds. Editor|, Publisher|, Test|, Edition edn.|, Year|.

You need to add a | in front of the ed.^ so that EndNote will only add the ed.^eds. when the Editor field is populated.

Author, Title,| ed.^eds. Editor|, Publisher|, Test|, Edition edn.|, Year|.

Please make that change and try using the style again.

Dear Tony,

Thanks a lot! Your suggestion worked like a charm.

Best regards