Book section - editors

Hello, I am using Endnote X7, and APA style.  When I create a book section reference it doesn’t allow for multiple editors.  If I enter more than one name in the ‘editor’ field then it jumbles the names in the bibliography and fails to state (Eds).  The style seems okay - 
Author. (Year)|. Title| (Translator, Trans.)|. In Editor (Ed.),^(Eds.),| Book Title| (|Edition ed., Vol. Volume, pp. Pages|)|. Place Published|: Publisher|. (Reprinted from: Reprint Edition)|.

Can someone offer any insight?

Thank you.

Are you putting the editors one to a line, just like in the author fields?  SN, G. N. (don’t need periods, but do need space between initials.)

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, one to a line and in different ways, first name first, last name first, no initials etc.  Still doesn’t work and only says (Ed).

I created a new reference and it half worked, now has two editors and appears as (Eds) but not the third.  Doesn’t matter, am happy with that.  Perhaps there was some old formatting I couldn’t see in the old reference.

Okay, so I was pressing shift then enter to go down to the next line instead of just ‘enter’. Silly me. Thanks again.

I don’t think I would have figured that out without having you send me the library or the document!  Glad you sorted it.  Will have to add that to my list of “Are you…?”!