"ed." or "eds." automatically - how?

Dear Endnote community, 

Whilst I’ve worked quite a bit with endnote (currently in the most updated X7), I’m having trouble making sure edited books has the correct entry acccording to whether there’s one or two editors (i.e. ed. or eds.), as in British English /research. 

Can anyone help? I’d be so very grateful for a sentence I can copy into the output style - if possible! 

Thanks so much! 

(Phd deadline looming - any help is really appreciated…)

Most of the out of the box styles have the answer  –  separate the alternatives with a ^ as in the examples below

Edited Book

Editor, ed.^eds.| (Year). Title|, Edition edn| (|Place Published|: Publisher|)|.

Book Section/Chapter

Author (Year). Title. |In Book Title|, Editor, ed.^eds.| (|Place Published|: Publisher|)|, p.^pp. Pages|.