Direct Export Problem


I am trying to import citations from Web of Science and Google Scholar into Endnote version 8.0.2 however the direct export function is not working.  Every time I try to import it asks me to select a filter from a list of filters.  I have identified which filter is for Web of Science but I am not sure which one to select for Google Scholar.  Does anyone know how to fix the direct export problem or know which filter to use for Google Scholar?



Hello Allison,

Are you using a Macintosh OS 10.5 (aka Leopard) operating system?  EndNote versions 9 and earlier have serious compatibility issues with Leopard, including Direct Export issues which keep this feature from working reliably.

If not, are you following the instructions outlined at ?  It sounds like you might be saving the file to your hard drive and then trying to import it instead of opening the file directly, which will not work nearly as well.