Mac issues and EndNote

I have a library patron using the library’s EndNote Web service who is having problems with direct exporting from one of the library’s databases, which does allow for direct export to EndNote Web. Are there known issues with newer Mac systems and direct exporting? She is getting an error that says there are too many redirects. Yet, I can directly export the exact same article from the same website while on my PC.


Is your patron offsite or onsite when encountering this problematic behavior?  Is your patron connecting to the internet through a proxy server or VPN?

Please let me know what you find.

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We had exactly the same issue, exporting a reference from the Ebsco result view that is triggered from our new catalogue (which is integrated with Ebsco’s discovery service) into EndNote “Web”. It was some horrible interaction with our EZProzy off campus signin. It did affect Macs, but also Windows machines, and for some people on identical machines it wasn’t an issue at all, which made it really hard to demo to the relevant people.

We managed to get it fixed after a lot of head scratching from lots of different parties.