Disable update popups when opening Endnote


Can I prevent the update information popups for installations on clients? I’m admin - and I don’t want the users to be bothered by updates (which they can’t execute anyway).

Thank You.


Hello Joachim,

On a Windows system, you can prevent the application from prompting for available updates during the installation process. Please see this article for more information:


nice! thank you

We are currently getting pop up nag’s in X8 to upgrade to X9 on launch.

When X8 was deployed the USERCANAPPLYUPDATES=F switch was used on the MSI installation.

I can also see the entry has been entered into the registry under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ISI ResearchSoft\EndNote\18

But, still getting the pop ups on launch, did something change with the installation of X8 in order to disable these prompts?