Disapearing other Word add-in(s) when instaling Endnote


After instaling the Endnote, other word Add-in(s) that had already been installed perior to the Endnote went missing from the Word ribbon (dont show up at the top of a Word document); even after re-instaling them (using Option->Add-In), they disaprear by reopening the Word document.

I appreciate the solution.

I would speak with Tech support (find numbers at www.endnote.com/support) to see if they have known add-ins that endnote conflicts with.  You don’t say which ones “disappeared”. 


Sorry for delay in responding.The Word add-ins are related to the template (macros) we made to format our reports in the office. 

Thank you.

yes, well I would share them with tech support to see if they can see why then?  You could try attaching them here or on a cloud folder, as I doubt the forum allows that file type attachment. But really tech support is your best option.  

Thanks, I will contact the tech support.