Ribbon disappeared on my Mac

HI there, 

I have an issue with Endnote X9 on my Mac. It installed well and the ribbon appeared on the top of Word. I’m nearly finished my assignments but the ribbon has disappeared. EN is still installed and I can still make changes to the Word document from EN but not inside the Word document. This is a problem (for lots of reasons) but particularly right now as I want to convert to plain text to finish the reference list.

Google search tells me that for Mac I to go Tools- Templates and Add-ins - and check the endnote boxes but these are already checked.


Do I need to remove EN and reinstall? And if so do I lose all the references and the links to the word documents I’m currently working on?

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I would read over these two knowledge base articles.


and possibly


I don’t think reinstalling will help, but you can try that too.  It shouldn’t affect your existing documents or library, but backing up your library is a good idea.