Missing EndNote ribbon in Word 2010

Hi !

My EndNote ribbon has disappeared in Word 2010. I’ve allready search some solutions on Internet, so I’ve been in the Word options. All the EndNote add-ins were in the “Inactive Applications” part. Here are the manipulations I’ve done :

In the “Add-ins” options, I chose “Templates” in the bottom left of the window, click “Go…”. Then I arrived on an other window, where I ticked all the boxes about EndNote (2 “EndNote Cwyw.dotm”, and 2 “EndNote Online Cwyw.dotm”. And click “Ok”.

After that, the EndNote add-ins appeared ine the “Active Applications” part. But when I click “Ok” and close the options, there is still no ribbon. So I closed Word and start it again, but the EndNote add-ins are in the inactive part again ! Seems like Word desactivate them every time I close it, so I don’t know how can I do to make the ribbon appear again.

Many thanks in advance for yout help ! :slight_smile:

What version of Endnote are you running and your OS? Depending upon the version you might be able to run the “Repair” or “Configure” option. Refer to the knowledgebase article http://endnote.com/kb/107174   EndNote Windows and Mac: After Install no Tools in Word.

I’m using EndNote X7 on Windows 7. But finally the EndNote ribbon appeared again : I’ve made an update of EndNote, and now it seems ok. But there is still someting I don’t understand : why do I have add-ins about EndNote both in the active and in the inactive add-ins parts of Word ? See in my screenshot. Is it normal ?