Display author(s) last name only in footnotes

A publisher is requiring me to use short form footnotes (last name, title, page number) and full form bibliography. Is there a way to create a style that uses only the last name of the author for a footnote?

Yes, the output style can have different settings for footnotes and for the full bibliography.  What publisher or publication and what output style are you using now?  (attach it?) 

Thank you! Yes, I’m familiar with editing the style for different outcomes in the footnote and bibliography. I was primarily interested in whether I could isolate just the author’s last name, though.

Publisher is Wipf and Stock. I’m using the SBL custom output style (attached). Thanks.

SBL custom.ens (55.4 KB)

the settings for Footnote Author name (and editor name and lists) are specified independently for the footnotes and the bibliography, so yes, you can “isolate” the surname only for one and not the other.  You can also choose to only show the first author et al in footnotes, and full list of authors in bibliography (author lists).  

the version you sent, had name and initials for first time cited in footnote – You can alter each footnote template of the ref types you use so that the first footnote cite is the same as the short form.