Author and Editor first names not displaying in footnotes (Chicago fn style)

Author and editor first names are not displaying in footnotes. I’ve uploaded the style here in case anyone can help.

Many thanks.

Chicago 17th Footnote-Mod.ens (139.9 KB)

Sorry for the delay.

Looking at the style you attached, it appears that under:
Footnotes - Author Name
… all of the Author Name settings here are “Last Only”

Additionally, a similar setting is in place for Editor names in the footnote short forms.
These are the settings you’ll want to change to get those authors first names to appear.

I do hope this helps!

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Thanks for this. You are absolutely right. I got in touch with EndNote support before I saw this message and they recommended the same solution.

Much appreciated.

Incidentally, if you have a suggestion for this conundrum I’d be grateful: