First names appear in footnotes, although only last names should appear according to output style

Hello there,

I have a problem with the citation of some authors in the footnotes. Although I have selected in the output style that only last names should be displayed, in some cases, Endnote seems to ignore this option and lists last name and first name. I have already had a look at the sources, where this happens, but I couldn’t find that I have done anything wrong.

I’m using Endnote X1 with Word 2003.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance,


Do you have more than one footnote to the same author or with the same surname.  Endnote will try to disambugate (is that a word?) them by including first name if that setting is set.  If it is the same author, there might be something trivial that makes endnote think they are different authors.  The best way to ensure they are the same is to copy from one record into the other. 


great recommendation: It perfectly worked out! Now, I don’t have any problems with forenames of authors any more.

Thanks for your help,